Edge Studios Opens Its Doors to the World

International Dance Day

International Dance Day

Edge Studios Opens Its Doors to the World

International Dance Day Instructors Clockwise: Caitlin Lockwood (upper left) Rylee Fieldstone, Kirsten Wicklund and Amy Gardner.

Edge Studios, in Calgary, Alberta, opens its Zoom enhanced studio doors to the community and the world, for this year’s International Dance Day, Wednesday, April 29. This is an exciting first for the studio.

Free dance classes for dancers will be offered at the junior level ages nine to 11, intermediate for ages 11 up and advanced for 14 plus. To participate in these classes all that dancers will need is the free Zoom app.

The International Dance Day workshops include three ballet classes with Edge Studios’ Ballet Principal Caitlin Lockwood. Rylee Fieldstone, another dance faculty instructor will hold two additional classes: junior jazz and intermediate lyrical.

Ballet BC’s own Kirsten Wicklund will host a Q&A session entitled Professional Insight, as well as Yoga for Dancers.

Amy Gardner, a New York based dancer and choreographer will host Urban Contemporary for intermediate and senior levels. An Improv class will be available for all levels.

Started in 1982, International Dance Day was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre ITI, in Paris, France and is the main performing arts partner of UNESCO. The date was chosen to commemorate the birthdate of Jean-George Noverre (1727-1810) the French-born founder of modern ballet.

“Rather than think of International Dance Day as a just a day of posting pictures on social media, we want to give dancers an interactive and engaging experience,” Cyndi Scott, Artistic Creative Director of Edge Studios, explains. “Isolation is difficult,” she notes, “But, we are wired for connection. We want to provide an outlet for creativity through this connection.”

Fieldstone feels the free virtual dance classes at Edge Studio are a way to bring the entire dance community together, “So many studios have had to close because of Covid-19,” she says. “But, now we can all dance together.”

International Student Experiences

Travel is always an enjoyable way to experience local culture. Many dancers at Edge Studios have had the international student experiences of travelling abroad. Here they have taken master-dance classes and attended professional performances featuring some of the best dancers in the world on stage. Some students have even been accepted into professional companies for summer workshops or a year of training abroad.

Marsden, a 17 year-old-student, who has taken dance classes with Edge Studios, over the past fours years has attended summer dance programs in the United States, Netherlands, Denmark, England and Monaco. She also trained for two and a half months in Moscow, Russia.

“My favourite country is a tie between England and Russia,” says the dancer who finds it hard to pick just one. And who could blame her. Both cities surely make a dancer’s top ten destinations list.

“While in England I trained at the Royal Ballet School for two weeks and it was a magical experience. London is such a beautiful and lively city.” And there is more. “In Russia I trained at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. This was a dream come true! The training was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. Moscow is one of the coolest cities I’ve ever travelled to.”

Travelling abroad made the young dancer think about her future, “While living away from home, I learned many things about myself and my dancing.  I’ve gained an inner strength. I’ve also learned that ballet is without a doubt what I want to pursue.  I’m so grateful for these opportunities and would love to be able to pursue my ballet career overseas.”

And Marsden has already thought about how she will celebrate International Dance Day. “I am planning on taking an online class with my Edge Studios family, including ballet with Caitlin Lockwood. I will also try to take advantage of all the amazing classes being offered by dancers around the world.

Be sure to join in as Edge Studios opens its doors to the world on the International Dance Day.  Let’s all stay connected through dance!

International Dance Day Free Online Classes Using Zoom

Ballet Classes with Caitlin Lockwood

4-5 pm MST Junior Ballet Class Ages 9-11

5:15- 6:15 pm MST Intermediate Ballet Class Ages 11 plus

6:30-7:30 pm MST Advanced Ballet Classes Ages 14 plus

Classes with Rylee Fieldstone

4-5 pm MST Intermediate Lyrical Ages 11 plus

5:15- 6:15 pm MST Junior Jazz Ages 9-11

 Classes with Kirsten Wicklund

4:30-5:30 pm MST Professional Insight Q&A

5:15-6:15 pm MST Yoga for Dancers

Classes with Amy Gardner

5:15-6:15 pm MST Intermediate/ Senior Urban Contemporary

6:30-7:30 pm MST Improve All Levels

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