Competition Statement

Edge School recognizes the many different training and performance options available to Calgary dancers. While some Edge Dancers only attend Edge School for their training, others also train, compete and perform with local dance studios.

We believe some of the most powerful, positive training for dancers can happen when students work individually with teachers, choreographers, and industry professionals. To encourage this type of training and artistic development, Edge School welcomes and rents studio space to all dancers, choreographers, and outside organizations. We often have instructors and choreographers, who have been independently contracted by a student and their family, offering private lessons and/or choreography to Edge dancers after school hours. Please note: some of these instructors/choreographers may also teach as part of the Edge Dance Faculty or Edge Dance Guest Faculty. When students work with these instructors, agreements have been made independent of Edge School.

Edge School understands that Dance Competitions can be an exciting, inspiring part of a dancer’s training. Most of the Edge Dancers compete with their local dance studio; however, some Edge Dancers want to compete but do not belong to a competitive dance studio. These Dancers enter competitions as “Independent” entries. Edge School does NOT facilitate or register Edge dancers into Competitions. 

No matter how a Dancer chooses to train, compete, or perform, Edge School supports and encourages every dancer through their artistic development and successes.