Dance Collectives

Dance collective is a specialized training experience for dancers who are ready to push their boundaries. Students who are accepted will be placed into the Hot Shots, Squad, Bloc, or Core collective based on their current skill set as well as their potential to grow in that grouping. Dancers in the collective program participate in a 6 hour/week training schedule from September until May. The dancers will be put through a 3-stage process that is curated in real-time based on the progression of the specialized training groups. First, the dancers will begin with Foundations of Training with a focus on alignment and fundamental techniques which is delivered through Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT), classical ballet, jazz barre, stretch and strengthening programs, and Paul Morgan Technique (PMT). We will continue by expanding the students’ foundation by adding a focus on Stylization where they will work on mastering jazz, lyrical, and contemporary techniques. Finally, dancers will be given the opportunity to enhance Performance by working with guest instructors and having exposure to choreography in addition to the syllabus they are already working on. Also, throughout the training process, dancers will have the ability to improve their ballet technique by supplementing open classical ballet classes through Dance Initiative, RAD Ballet Exam Program and Pre-Professional Program. Dancers interested in an audition for any of our programming can contact Artistic Director, Cyndi Scott at

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