Edge Studios

Edge Studios offers an unmatched and unique experience for dancers of all ages and abilities. We provide an encouraging, supportive environment to develop athletes and professionals. Every young dancer is unique, so we provide structure and attention that allows for personal growth and creative expression.

Edge Studios has nine programs to serve different needs, goals and skill levels. Pre-Professional Ballet, Classical Repertoire, RAD Ballet Exam Program, Dance Collectives (Hot Shots, Squad, Bloc, and Core), Edge Studios Competitive Team, and Dance Initiative Community Classes.

Edge Studios’ award-winning teachers and coaches foster excellence, emphasizing strong technical fundamentals, developing confidence, grace, and a passion for dance.

Annual auditions are held for the Pre-professional and Dance Collective Programs (Hot Shots, Squad, Bloc, and Core) divisions. The competitive program is open to dancers enrolled in either the Pre-professional or the Dance Collective programming.