RAD Ballet

RAD is a classical ballet training program. The RAD syllabus sets the standard for ballet training all around the world and expands a dancer’s opportunities in the future. This program builds and refines classical ballet technique which underlies the rest of a dancer’s training. Edge Studios offers assessments for dancers to determine their RAD level if they are new to this program. Dancers enrolled in RAD will be considered for optional examinations. The RAD program at Edge Studios is headed by Melodie McKee who, following her professional ballet career, got her diploma from the Royal Academy of Ballet’s Professional Dancer’s Teaching Diploma Program in London, England in 2007. Since then, she’s had continuous success with all of her students who go through the RAD program. Tatiana Nahorniak, our other RAD certified instructor, has been teaching RAD for over 15 years in Calgary and has also used her expertise in mentoring other teachers on their way to achieving their RAD certifications. There are two streams in the RAD program:
  1. Graded Syllabus, led by Tatiana Nahorniak, incorporates ballet, free movement and character.
  2. Vocational Graded Syllabus, led by Melodie McKee, continues to develop technique, music, and performance skills of older dancers to prepare them for professional dance careers.
We offer the following RAD Ballet Programming as part of Dance Collective training packages only: Grade 3 (Hotshots), Grade 4 (Squad 1), Grade 5 (Squad 2/3), and Intermediate Foundation (Squad 4). Intermediate level RAD to Solo Seal is offered as independent programs.