The Edge Junior Dance Program is for students from grades 4-7 looking for an opportunity to train during school hours. The schedule has dance training Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12:45 – 2:45 pm.

The junior program offers multiple technical classes in various levels and styles each day to accommodate a variety of developmental needs, goals, and skill levels. Students are grouped together based on their ability and provided with a personalized training plan to best suit their individual needs.  Dancer’s schedules rotate amongst teachers and other students to keep classes interesting and fresh.

Technical classes are offered in classical Ballet, Jazz, Jazz Barre, and Lyrical.




As part of classical training, our junior dancers receive RAD syllabus and character work. By focusing class around alignment and technique we continually evaluate the dancer’s abilities and asses them for pointe work.



Our Junior Jazz technique classes focus on across-the-floor progressions to help develop the dancer’s kicks, jumps, turns, and transitions.



Our Junior Jazz Barre Classes focus on basic technique and alignment to build strength and body awareness. It comprises an extensive part of our junior dancers training program.



Our Junior Lyrical technique classes teach movement combinations across the floor, improv skills, performance, quality of movement, and class combinations.


We also offer enhancement workshops in Hip Hop, Commercial Performance, Improv, and Musical Theatre.

In addition to dance, our Juniors also receive training in Acro. A weekly Acro program is scheduled with the central focus on strength and flexibility.

Other course content includes Nutrition, Stretch and Conditioning, Pilates, Sports Psychology, High-Performance Training, and Yoga.

Students also have access to our trainers, and physiotherapists in the onsite Sport Therapy Clinic.