The Edge Senior Dance Program offers high-school students an opportunity to train during school hours. Our schedule has dance classes from 8:15 -10:15 daily. Students can earn a total of 30 credits through the dance program towards their high school diploma.

The Edge Senior Dance Program encompasses strong technical components, integrated with dance theory and stylized industry training. The program offers customized personal training plans to serve diverse needs, goals, and skill levels. Award-winning teachers offer advanced technical classes in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Lyrical. We also offer enhancement workshops in Hip Hop, Ballroom, Acro, Partnering, and Commercial Performance. In addition to dance we cover nutrition, stretching and conditioning, Pilates, sports psychology, high-performance training, and yoga. Students also have access to our trainers, and physiotherapists in the onsite Sport Therapy Clinic.

The career and technology studies component exposes students to a series of lectures and practical workshops including: Choreographic Techniques, Stage and Set design, Dance History, Costume Design, and Visual Composition. Our senior dancers also work in the medium of film, exploring visual messaging and production. Students complete dance resumes, build portfolios, and film audition reels, preparing them for a future in dance.

Students also love our international travel studies option. Previous excursions have seen our students dancing in Spain (Barcelona), Australia (Sydney and Cairns), France (Paris), Italy  (Milan, Florence, and Rome), Germany (Berlin),  Czech Republic (Prague),  Netherlands (Amsterdam), and  United Kingdom (London).